Announcing the 2012 yt Workshop
@ Matthew Turk | Monday, Oct 3, 2011 | 2 minute read | Update at Monday, Oct 3, 2011

I’m pleased to announce the 2012 yt Workshop at the FLASH Center in Chicago, January 24-26.

The workshop will be aimed at both users and developers of yt. We will begin with intensive user training, moving from basic usage to advanced and parallel usage. Users are encouraged to bring their ideas and prototypes for new analysis routines as there will be opportunities to work with more experienced developers. We will then address to how to modify, extend and contribute to yt, and transition to a developers workshop. In the developers portion of the workshop, we will discuss ideas for improvements to the code and then break into groups to implement new features. Users are highly encouraged to stay and participate in development. The FLASH Center has graciously offered to host the workshop. We have identified a hotel in downtown Chicago (near the river, just off Michigan Avenue) that we are able to book double-occupancy rooms for $99/night, pre-tax. We are actively pursuing funding opportunities, but as of yet have not secured funding for participant costs; if we are able to do so, it will likely cover hotel stays for a limited number of individuals willing to share rooms for the four nights of the workshop (Jan. 23-26).

As we prepare hotel reservations, funding applications and other technicalities, we need to get a sense of not only how many people are potentially going to attend, but also their current career stage, funding availability and so on. If you are interested in attending the workshop, we would greatly appreciate it if you would visit the following URL and fill out the Google Form: . If you have already filled it out, no need to do it again!

Once we have the details of the conference settled, further information will be forthcoming regarding registration, accommodations, and possible financial support.

For specific questions regarding the workshop, please email John ZuHone at jzuhone [at]

yt extension modules

yt has many extension packages to help you in your scientific workflow! Check these out, or create your own.


ytini is set of tools and tutorials for using yt as a tool inside the 3D visual effects software Houdini or a data pre-processor externally to Houdini.


Trident is a full-featured tool that projects arbitrary sightlines through astrophysical hydrodynamics simulations for generating mock spectral observations of the IGM and CGM.


pyXSIM is a Python package for simulating X-ray observations from astrophysical sources.


Analyze merger tree data from multiple sources. It’s yt for merger trees!


yt_idv is a package for interactive volume rendering with yt! It provides interactive visualization using OpenGL for datasets loaded in yt. It is written to provide both scripting and interactive access.


widgyts is a jupyter widgets extension for yt, backed by rust/webassembly to allow for browser-based, interactive exploration of data from yt.


yt_astro_analysis is the yt extension package for astrophysical analysis.

Make your own!!

Finally, check out our development docs on writing your own yt extensions!

Contributing to the Blog

Are you interested in contributing to the yt blog?

Check out our post on contributing to the blog for a guide!

We welcome contributions from all members of the yt community. Feel free to reach out if you need any help.

the yt data hub

The yt hub at has a ton of resources to check out, whether you have yt installed or not.

The collections host all sorts of data that can be loaded with yt. Some have been used in publications, and others are used as sample frontend data for yt. Maybe there’s data from your simulation software?

The rafts host the yt quickstart notebooks, where you can interact with yt in the browser, without needing to install it locally. Check out some of the other rafts too, like the widgyts release notebooks – a demo of the widgyts yt extension pacakge; or the notebooks from the CCA workshop – a user’s workshop on using yt.

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