yt workshop 2012: a success!

Author: Matthew Turk
Published on: Jan 30, 2012, 3:02:09 PM
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The yt workshop last week in Chicago ( ) was an enormous success. On behalf of the organizing and technical committees, I'd like to specifically thank the FLASH Center, particularly Don Lamb, Mila Kuntu, Carrie Eder, for their hospitality; the venue was outstanding and their hospitality touching. Additionally, we're very grateful to the Adler Planetarium's Doug Roberts and Mark SubbaRao for hosting us on Wednesday evening -- seeing the planetarium show as well as volume renderings made by yt users up on the dome was so much fun. The yt workshop was supported by NSF Grant 1214147. Thanks to everyone who attended -- your energy and excitement helped make it a success.

Thanks also to the organizing and technical committees: Britton Smith, John ZuHone, Brian O'Shea, Jeff Oishi, Stephen Skory, Sam Skillman, and Cameron Hummels. All talks have been recorded, and you can clone a unified repository of talk slides and worked examples:

hg clone

A few photos have been put up online, too:

As I am able to edit and upload talks, they'll appear on the yt youtube channel as well as on the yt homepage:

Thanks again, and wow, what a week!